Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Convention Fun!

Sometimes life isn't about what we bring to it but what we gain. And Convention is no different.  I gained.....

New Friends!  Between the upline, roommates and folks I met while waiting at airports, it was a great opportunity to meet so many who enjoy what they do.

One of the roomates is a "Rising Star", Cynthia Millan from Ottawa, Ontario.  Rising Star means that during your first full year as a Demonstrator you have shown excellence in sales and recruiting!  Cynthia also was a presenter for the "I'm Earning an Incentive Trip" class.  I truly enjoyed meeting Cynthia and getting to know her.

Another roommate was Darlene, a 78 year old youngster who was running circles around us. She's my role model!  She suffered a great loss just days before Convention but her upbeat personality was a testimony. I also have to add that Darlene is an outspoken lady who kept us in stitches.

The final roommate was Susan, our technical guru. Sue was great on downloading all our various photos and compiling them into a file shared between us all.   

I also have to share the story of a long wait at the Houston airport.  The airplane had problems and the flight to Salt Lake City was delayed.  While sitting around, it didn't take long to figure out that there about 10 women in the area headed to Convention. Among them was Donna from Butternut Sage Designs and her daughter Lisa.  I kept running into them throughout Convention and truly enjoyed spending time with them.

And it would not be a Stampin' Up! Convetion without meeting the CEO, Shelli Gardner.  I first met her at the check in counter at the Marriott.  She was all smiles and made time each day to meet one-on-one with us.  The line was long and her beautiful daughters ensured she kept to her schedule.  I tried to meet her the first two days but was always short.  So the third and final day, I skipped the class before lunch and stood in line.  Her daughters took my camera and shot numerous photos. 

The bad news is that my upline, Anna, was late to the line and missed the opportunity to meet with Shelli.  I was running to catch up with Anna and shot this fun photo...and then I had to shoot a photo of our disappointment.  Maybe next year....

Next year is the 25th Anniversary of Stampin' Up! in the United States!  Convention is 18-20 July 2013 and should be a BLAST!  If you want to attend with me, let me know and I'll show you how!

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  1. hi Cathy from FL thank you so much for writing a little blurb about me and Lisa what fun we had at Convention HUH! I am thrilled that we KEPT bumping into one another you felt like family to me by the time convention ended (wink) I LOVE your blog and will have to come in now on a regular basis ALSO please come chat with us some morning in Morning Chat! Hugs~Donna