Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Convention 2013 - Be the Difference

Today is all about groups....and photos.

As part of Stampin' Up!, we all belong to "uplines" or those that brought us into the Stampin' Up! family.  The first photo is of the Prismatics group and all the uplines and downlines.  Carol Bartle led the effort for this photo.  Carol is on the back row, third from the left.

 This photo is our group - Sharon, Darlene, Jan, Me and Karen.

 And when two or more are gathered....we shall eat!!!  This photo is from our dinner at Olive Garden.

This photo is taken the last day during General Session.  Sure will miss our Canadian friends...

And our last meal A.J. Wong's Asian Bistro.  A great restaurant!

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet these women.  Sharon I know from home; Darlene I met last year...and our new friends Jan and Karen!

Stampin' Up! was started 25 years ago by two seeking opportunities to earn money and the other seeking interaction with other people....  Both succeeded and we continue to benefit from their effort.  To many more years and meeting new friends....

Many Blessings....

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